Twin Accounts (Credit and Savings)

Credit as an Asset

A good credit history and credit score can pave the way to better jobs, lower interest rates and asset building. Strong credit can amount to significant saving over a lifetime by allowing clients the opportunity to access safe and affordable financial products. LISC Financial Opportunity Centers work closely with clients to remedy expensive debt and set up manageable payment plans that help grow a healthy credit rating. LISC Twin Accounts™ is a tool designed to help low- to moderate-income people build credit and save money at the same time!

Why workforce programs should focus on credit

Step 1: Pulling and Reviewing Credit Reports

The first vital step towards a strong credit score is knowing where your score currently stands. Coaches at LISC Financial Opportunity Centers can help clients in pulling credit report and understanding how to read it. With this knowledge clients along with their financial coaches can develop an action plan


Coaches can pull credit reports to share with clients. Credit Builders Alliance flyer here is a free website that allows clients to check your credit. Watch this short video lesson to learn how to use this tool.

How to read a credit report - 


Step 2: Building Credit & Saving Product

Alternative Credit and Secured vs. Prepaid Cards

This PowerPoint gives an overview of the Experian Rent Bureau, which is an alternative service for rental data, and explains how prepaid cards can be beneficial to clients. The detailed presentation from 2010 by the Credit Builders Alliance includes pros and cons and detailed examples PDF

Twin Accounts


"Ever wondered how you can build up your credit to raise your credit score and establish good credit history? You need credit to buy a car, qualify for your own apartment or apply for student loans. Twin Accounts can help you achieve your goals! Watch this short video to get familiar with twin accounts and how they can help you. 

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Describe what a Twin Account is used for, and how it works.
  • Determine whether a Twin Account might be a good option for you."


Justine Peterson


LISC Twin Accounts combines the incentives provided in an Individual Development Account (IDA) with credit building to achieve a high level of impact on an individual’s financial bottom line. A two-page overview gives the basics. PDF


Prior to offering Twin Accounts, all financial coaches must complete an online assessment through Justine Petersen. Directions on accessing the portal can be found here

Justine Petersen's online loan Portal

This document is an overview of the online loan platform and presents how to navigate and understand the information available. PDF

Log in setup instructions for the JP portal. PDF


Esusu: Twin Accounts™ as a Financial Techonology (FinTech) Product

What is FinTech?

Each state that offers Twin Accounts through Justine Peterson has a separate policies and procedures document.

California | Illinois | Indiana | Kentucky | Massachussetts | Michigan | Minnesota | Missouri | New York | Ohio | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | Texas | Wisconsin

A LISC Excel spreadsheet gives the details of interest rates and other figures for each state. 

Step 3: Continue Good Habits

Secured Credit Cards


Upon completion of Twin Accounts, clients are graduated to a secured credit card. One option is the Capital One Secured credit card, which has no annual fee.

Capital One Secured Card Fact Sheet

Capital One Secured Card Terms & Conditions

Instructions for Opening a Capital One Secured Card

Link to Online Application


Another option is the PNC secured card, which has a lower APR than the Credit One card but does have an annual fee, which is charged monthly.

Instructions for Opening a PNC Secured Card

Application for PNC Secured Card