Financial Stability Contacts

Seung Kim, Senior Program Director

Seung leads the financial stability programming at LISC by setting the overall strategy, development of new initiatives and management of existing programs.

Laura D’Alessandro, Senior Program Officer

Financial capability and financial products are part of Laura’s portfolio, along with the management of several awards and general integrated services delivery.

Paul Schulz, Program Officer*** REMOVE

An expert in the workforce development field, Paul manages reentry and skilling initiatives as well as supporting integrated services delivery.

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Carolina Rendon, Program Officer

Carolina heads up the data efforts for the team through the build out, management and support of the shared data platform as well as data analysis and reporting.

Candi Blake, Assistant Program Officer

Candi is the compliance officer for several grants and supports subgrantee management and billing.

Jacqueline Guzman, Assistant Program Officer

Jackie supports the data efforts of the team as well as grant management.

Local LISC Contacts







Bob Van Meter, Executive Director

Karleen Porcena, Program Officer

Monique Sullivan, Program Officer

Meghan Harte, Executive Director

Jennifer McClain, Financial Opportunities Director

Caroline Rendon

Sarai Garza

Kathy Schwab, Executive Director

Kristen Baker,