Department of Labor - Reentry Grant

The focus of this initiative is to assist communities in planning and implementing comprehensive "reentry" programs and to ensure that participants are provided with positive opportunities to engage in pro-social activities such as employment and/or education and maintain long-term employment.


Employment Counseling and Training

SIMPLER framework- PDF

Transitional Jobs for Ex-Prisoner (2009)- PDF

Transitional Jobs for Ex-Prisoner Evaluation (2009)- PDF

Integrated Reentry and Employment Strategies_Summary (2013)- PDF

Integrated Reentry and Employment Strategies_Full (2013) -PDF

IRES-4 questions - PDF

Jobs for the Future- Supporting Second Chances - PDF

Safer Foundation - Employer Guide (Reentry & Healthcare Sector) - PDF

Financial Coaching

Credit Builders Alliance released Achieving Credit Strength: A Toolkit for Supporting Returning Citizen Entrepreneurs. This toolkit provides financial capability and reentry practitioners with tools and resources for helping returning citizens to build strong credit, and strong businesses.

Financial Education Modules created by Coffey consultingCoffey consulting provides technical assistance to grantees of all DOL Re-entry work. Below are modules for financial education that they have created when serving this population.


1. Analyzing Your Paycheck

2. Negotiating Child Support Payments

3. Predatory Lending

4. Understanding Your Credit Report

5. Financial Guidance

Legal Services

Expungement Toolkit - PDF

Using Legal Services as a Retention Strategy - PDF


Upcoming Webinars:


Re-entry Peer Network Call

4th Thursday of every month*

12:00 pm- 1:30 pm | Central Daylight Time| 1.5 hrs

*Excluding Holidays

Click here to join the meeting

or call (415) 655-0002

Meeting number (access code): 317 101 570

DOL Re-entry Grant Webinar Slides:

Reporting and Performance Slides- PDF 
Reporting Updates & Guidance 12.15.17- PDF

  • Case management training 3.01.18- PDF

  •  1.Sample Individual Career Plan/Career Development Plan- PDF

    2.Post Program Support/ Follow Up Services- PDF

    Compliance Refresher Webinar slides 6.19.18 PDF  

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    More Resources:


    Selective Service Guide- PDF

    WIOA Training and credential requirements (pg 12-14) - PDF

    Federal Bond program resources- Link

    Measurable Skills Gain - PDF


    Important Documents:

    REO Eligibility ChecklistPDF

    REO SalesForce Instructions- PDF

    REO Intake Assessment- PDF

    REO data definitions- PDF

    REO Outcomes Assessment- PDF

    Quarterly Narrative Report Template- DOC (Editable)

    Consent form for collection and release of information- DOC (Editable)

    Case Management Template - DOC (Editable)

    LISC’s Reentry project is funded at a 100% by the $4.5 million grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration.