Department of Labor - Reentry Grant

The focus of this initiative is to assist communities in planning and implementing comprehensive "reentry" programs and to ensure that participants are provided with positive opportunities to engage in pro-social activities such as employment and/or education and maintain long-term employment.

Important Documents:

REO Eligibility Checklist- PDF

REO SalesForce Instructions- PDF

REO Intake Assessment- PDF

REO data definitions- PDF

REO Outcomes Assessment- PDF

Quarterly Narrative Report Template- DOC (Editable)

Consent form for collection and release of information- DOC (Editable)

Webinar Slides:

REO Webinar 05 April 2017- PDF 
Compliance Webinar Slides - PDF 
Reporting and Performance Slides- PDF 
Reporting Updates & Guidance 12.15.17- PDF

Case management training 3.01.18- PDF

    -Sample Individual Career Plan/Career Development Plan- PDF

    -Post Program Support/ Follow Up Services- PDF

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  Upcoming Webinars:


* Re-entry Peer Network Call

4th Thursday of every month

12:00 pm- 1:30 pm | Central Daylight Time| 1.5 hrs

Click here to join the meeting

or call (415) 655-0002

Meeting number (access code): 641 243 659

Census Tracts Map Links

This tool will help you search your client's address to check if their place of residence makes them eligible for this grant. Notes on the above links: blue polygons represent original DOL census tracts; red polygons represent expansion of eligible census tract areas currently awaiting DOL approval.

Here is a link to the guide on how to use this tool: LINK

Providence- Census Map

Indianapolis- Census Map

Minneapolis/ St Paul- Census Map

Chicago -Census Map

Detroit- Census Map