Accenture Learning Exchange

The Skills to Succeed Learning Exchange is an online learning platform available to Financial Opportunity Centers teaching job readiness and executive skills course as well as Digital Literacy, introductory bridge training programs IT Customer Support (ITCS) or Health Technology & Administration (HTM).

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Gaining Access:

Offered by Accenture, the Learning Exchange offers new content through a blended learning program, including pre- and post-assessments, online demos and simulations, and classroom workshops. Interested organization can complete the interest form and submit to their local program officer. On this interest form you will create a "Training Plan" for your program. Learners will have access to all online courses on the site but the training plan reflects an organization’s priority courses. We recommend 15 - 20 courses. Most online courses are 15-30 min.

Available Courses:

Job Readiness (Executive skills) Courses

Foundational Skills:

-Math/Reading/ Critical Thinking

-English as a second language


-Typing.... and more

Jobs Tracks:
-Entrepreneurship/ Entrepreneurship Advanced

-Software Engineering/ Software Engineering Computing

-Retail Industry Fundamentals... and more

Career Planning and Job Search:
-Career Planning

-Searching and Applying for jobs

-Resume and Cover Letters

- In-person and Online networking

-Interviewing.... and more

Professional Skills:

- Adaptability


-Customer Service

-Diversity and Cultural Awareness

-Time management .... and more

Bridge and Career Focused Curriculum

Digital Literacy (Enhanced):

-Computer Basics

-Window Basics

-Social Media

-Internet Basics

- Outlook..... and more

IT Customer Support:

- Exploring IT Industry

-Customer Service and Communication 

-IT Task and Time Management

-Computer Anatomy

- Internet Safety ... and more

Health Technology and Administration:

- Exploring the Health care Industry

- Medical Terminology

- Healthcare  Customer Svc & Comm

- Healthcare Task and Time Management

- Medical Records 

- Diagnosis Codes ... and more

Instructor Skills and resources available to download

 (Instructor Account required)- Flyer