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The LISC Financial Stability Network

LISC’s financial stability programs connect low- to moderate- income families with the financial and labor market mainstream. We offer employment and career services, financial coaching and education, and low-cost financial products that build credit, savings and assets.

The goal of this website is to gather and curate materials, supporting documents and ideas that can be used by LISC staff and partners at community-based organizations across the country that are interested in or already operating a Financial Opportunity Center (FOC), and for those who are part of the Bridges to Career Opportunities (BCO) program. The site has resources for practitioners who work directly with clients, staff who design and administer the programs, and advocates who help provide support. New to the FOC network? Click here for key steps to getting started

Through 31 local offices, a rural program that reaches nearly 2,000 counties in 44 states, and affiliates and other entities, LISC works with a vast network of community-based partners to make investments in housing, businesses, jobs, education, safety and health. Read more
Financial Opportunity Centers

Financial Opportunity Centers (FOCs) are career and personal finance service centers that help low- to moderate-income people focus on the financial bottom line with integrated delivery of employment services, financial coaching and accessing income supports.

Bridges to Career Opportunities

In the Bridges to Career Opportunities model, clients working with LISC’s national network of Financial Opportunity Centers can ramp up foundational literacy and math skills, get technical training and pursue certifications for a particular industry.

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