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Getting Started with a Financial Opportunity Center

A Financial Opportunity Center, in its inherent design, requires an organization or program to provide integrated programming to clients, which often requires a complex, intentional process and organizational structure. Use these resources to help you plan for an efficient and effective integrated service delivery model that supports client success and operational excellence.

  • FOC Planning Checklist
  • Intro to FOC
  • Integrated Service Delivery
  • Data Management
  • Operations & Compliance
FOC Planning Checklist

Launching a new FOC takes time, intention, and money. Here's a general timeline and overview of the three phases of planning and piloting to launch an FOC. 

Phase 1: Planning for FOC launch (3 months)

  • Community Assessment, Mapping, and Planning
  • Fundraise 
  • Buy-in from Board and Senior Leadership
  • Administrative and HR preparation and planning
  • Identify FOC goals and planned outcomes

Phase 2: Staff Onboarding and Training (3 months) 

  • Introduce FOC model to all staff in more detail
  • Cross train all staff on core integrated services and financial products and tools
  • LISC staff facilitates Client Flow Training
  • LISC staff facilitates Salesforce Training
  • Develop aligned and strategic messaging for various audiences
  • Develop official supportive partnerships and engage community
Phase 3: Pilot FOC (3-6 months)

  • Pilot Client Flow with targeted core group
  • Assess efficacy, seek feedback and evaluate initial data
  • Adjust programs, processes, and procedures and test
  • After second round of piloting and adjustments, expand FOC services to full program. 

Intro to FOC
Integrated Service Delivery
Data Management
Operations & Compliance
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