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2017 Financial Opportunity Center & Bridges to Career Opportunities National Conference

Wednesday October 4th – Thursday October 5th

Saint Paul, Minnesota

The Saint Paul Hotel

350 Market Street

Saint Paul, MN 55102

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Conference Materials


Presenter Slides


Pathways to Opportunity: Skills, Careers and Stability

Access to Quality Jobs: Systems Change & Policy Alignment

National Fund for Workforce Solutions Job Design Framework_Navjeet Singh.pdf 

Focus Hope_Rashida Thomas.pdf 

Local Spotlight: How to Coordinate Systems to Improve Quality Job Access for All

Field- Building: research and Studies in Financial Stability and Workforce Development

Lessons from the Workforce Benchmarking Network_Marty Miles.pdf 

Breakout Sessions:

Engagement from the First Session: Financial Coaching

A Tale of Two Twins_Nicole Reno.pdf 

Duke Financial Behavorial Pilot_Lucretia Jelks.pdf 

Financial coaching_Thanapat Vichitchot.pdf 

Southwest Economic Solutions Retention Strategies_Libby Palackdharry.pdf 

The North Lawndale Employment Network_Pauline Sylvain.pdf 

Best Practices in Sector- Based Adult Education

ABE Best Practices_Veronica Sanchez-Peavey.pdf 
ABE Best Practices_Michael Donahue.pdf 
Best Practices in Sector-Based Adult Education.Setting the Stage_Judy Alamprese.pdf 
District 1199C training & upgrading fund._BCO Model_Stephanie Webb.pdf 
ABE best practices_Talia Frye.pdf 

Managing the Unknown: Planning in an Evolving Environment

Leveraging funds to maximize outcomes and sustain operations_Rodney Brutton.pdf 
Collaborating for Sustainability_Valerie Moffitt and Michelle Lyons.pdf 
Family Stability Initiatives_Corey Mosesly.pdf 

 Building Strong Employer Engagement

Employer Engagement_Day1_Catalina Sanchez.pdf 
Building Stonger Employer Partnerships_Mike Wynne.pdf
IRC San Diego_Employer Engagement_Jessica Wawrzyniak.pdf 

Salesforce: Understanding Standard and Customized Reports

Presentation: Saleforce Data session.pdf 

Sample exercises: Salesforce Reporting Exercises.pdf

Concurrent Sessions

Intermediary Discussion

Partners for a Competitive Workforce_Janice Urbanik.pdf 

Training Sessions

Bridges to career Opportunities

BCO only session.pdf 

Department of Labor Re-entry Grant Sites

DOL-Reentry FINAL.pdf